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Styling Your Natural Hair so it Can Grow Healthy & Longer

Strike a pose with a look that matches your attitude.

Mandy's is probably the most trusted salon in Cape Town for treating and styling natural hair. We style gorgeous women who appreciate the beauty of natural hair. From your hair texture, we help you choose a hairstyle that suits your lifestyle.

Stylish Braids

Afro Puffs

Great for enhancing your facial features like your eyes and cheekbones

Stylish Braids

Beautiful Dreadlocks

Requires low maintenance and grows your hair strong with no damage

Stylish Braids

Stylish Braids

Perfect for saving you precious time and can last up to 3 months

Organic Hair Products

To grow healthy and longer, your natural hair needs organic moisture and water. Alcohol-free ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil and rosemary are key for a healthy grow.